A Poem Inspired by

"Once Upon a November"

Once upon a November
I met the one for me
A date on Goat Hill Overlook
The view a sight to see
The autumn foliage blazed
As the sun set down to rest
Its final act a tribute
As it faded in the west
The river a silver mirror
A looking glass of white
The landscape a romantic vision
Transformed by dying light
The wind was rather chilly
On this crisp autumn day
But neither that nor anything else
Could send us on our way
We stayed until the sky
Waned from red to deepest blue
With a warm cozy blanket
And a twilight meal for two
When we finally departed
We walked down arm in arm
Full of laughter and delight
From an evening of such charm
A Poem Inspired by “Once Upon a November”
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Sara is a self-taught graphic designer, photographer, and videographer. She handles all the admin tasks of Perceiving Light and enjoys jigsaw puzzles, writing poetry, and crocheting. She currently lives in Langhorne, PA with her husband, Timothy.

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