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With a snap, crackle, pop
The bonfire roars to life
He whittles some spits
With his worn pocket knife
We sit back and relax
As our s’mores start to melt
Sitting just close enough
That the heat can be felt
What is it about fire?
Why does it calm us so?
Is it the comforting blaze?
Or the yellow-orange glow?
We’re drawn to the light
Like a moth to a flame
The heat calls to us
And comforts our frame
Even a candle
With its flickering dance
Can hold us spellbound,
Bewitched, deep in a trance
Perhaps that’s why lovers
Think it’s a tool for romance
Everything looks better
To the candlelit glance
But the best fire of all
Is the one in the grate
When you come home frostbitten
After a cold winter date
You grab a warm blanket
Snuggle down with some joe
And soon fall asleep
In the arms of your beau
A Poem Inspired by “Crackle”
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Sara is a self-taught graphic designer, photographer, and videographer. She handles all the admin tasks of Perceiving Light and enjoys jigsaw puzzles, writing poetry, and crocheting. She currently lives in Langhorne, PA with her husband, Timothy.

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