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An idiom’s a turn of phrase
Just another manner of speaking
It helps a mental picture form
Creates an image of what we’re seeking
Fire’s a most popular one
Used for describing passions
It’s chief in terms of the heart
And can work in many fashions
A celebrity sets the world on fire
A pioneer blazes a trail
A career may go up in flames
A short-tempered fuse may fail
Wildfire consumes all in its path
Unless it’s well contained
The same goes for a heart unbridled
It must be disciplined and trained
Don’t deny your emotions
Nor let them run amok
Ask yourself if they’re valid
Do they tear down or construct?
A Poem Inspired by “Ablaze”
Picture of Sara
Sara is a self-taught graphic designer, photographer, and videographer. She handles all the admin tasks of Perceiving Light and enjoys jigsaw puzzles, writing poetry, and crocheting. She currently lives in Langhorne, PA with her husband, Timothy.

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