A Poem Inspired by

"Time to Go"

A desert so fallow
A strange, empty tableau
For this space cowboy
It’s time to go
Low on good ammo
His weapon aglow
He hops on his steed
It’s time to go
A beast from dark hollow
With fiery trousseau
Pursues in his footsteps
It’s time to go
He lives for tomorrow
He’ll have to forgo
The chance to slay monster
It’s time to go
With danger his shadow
He jumps over grotto
Green sparks flying
It’s time to go
With bluster and gusto
Bright eagle in tow
He rides on to safety
It’s time to go
A mysterious legend
Of long, long ago
Told far and told wide
By friend and by foe
A knight and a dragon
Break status quo
For one landscape painter
It’s time to go
A Poem Inspired by “Time to Go”
Sara is a self-taught graphic designer, photographer, and videographer. She handles all the admin tasks of Perceiving Light and enjoys jigsaw puzzles, writing poetry, and crocheting. She currently lives in Langhorne, PA with her husband, Timothy.

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