A Poem Inspired by

"Autumn Slumber"

Cooler nights, cozier beds
Autumn is the comfiest season
The days get shorter
In this last quarter
But that’s not the only reason
Autumn is a time of harvesting
Of reaping what we sow
We look back, reflect
Our life we inspect
And see how much more we can grow
Autumn is a time of giving thanks
Of gratefulness and gratitude
We see things anew
In a rosier hue
And correct any bad attitude
Autumn is a great time for family
For parties and lengthy stays
In spring it’s too damp
In summer we camp
And winter it snows most days
Autumn’s by far the best time of year
The trees are a sight to behold
Red, orange, and yellow
The spirit do mellow
And it’s neither too hot nor too cold
A Poem Inspired by “Autumn Slumber”
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Sara is a self-taught graphic designer, photographer, and videographer. She handles all the admin tasks of Perceiving Light and enjoys jigsaw puzzles, writing poetry, and crocheting. She currently lives in Langhorne, PA with her husband, Timothy.

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