Cardinal Dawn

Acrylic landscape painting of two cardinals on a farm fence during sunrise
Acrylic on Canvas – 24 x 36 inches – SOLD
Recently a client asked if I’d be willing to sell my piece “Perceiving Light.”  I told him I couldn’t part with that one since it had so much meaning for me and Sara but I could paint him something similar.  He asked me to add some cardinals to the fence and “Cardinal Dawn” was born.  It was interesting to approach the same subject again after so much time.  I’ve gained a lot of experience in the last two years and am much more confident as a result.  “Perceiving Light” was actually my first failed landscape (at least at first).  Sara and my in-laws dubbed the first attempt “Tatooine” because of how flat and barren it was.  I’m grateful to them for standing by me and encouraging me to keep going.  Painting still isn’t fun for me, it’s hard work, but it’s gotten much more rewarding.