I Am Lewis

I Am Lewis is a 2D side-scrolling survival game where you play as an ordinary man in extraordinary circumstances. LOOT a beautiful pixel art city, FIGHT sinister monsters, and ESCAPE before it’s too late!
Meet Lewis. A washed up salesman who finds himself stranded in a strange forbidding town. Lewis has always been ordinary. He’s never been a hero; he’s never been a fighter. He’s never had to survive. Life has been easy for Lewis. But all that is about to change. Lewis must face his deepest fears, conquer his worst nightmares, and become something far MORE than he ever thought possible.
Explore a large pixel art city, scavenging for food, parts and weapons. Each playthrough has a randomized map for a unique experience every time.
Defend against hordes of monsters every night and eradicate nests and infestations that have holed up during the day.
Find survivors and rescue them to help you in the fight against the oncoming swarm.
Watch Lewis transform from Zero to Hero!