Acrylic landscape painting of a heron standing in a rocky, green inlet.
Acrylic on Canvas – 15 x 30 inches – $350
This piece was named more for the photographer who inspired it than the heron waiting patiently for breakfast.  Sara and I were walking along the Delaware canal at Yardley when we spotted this guy hanging out on a log on the opposite bank.  No sooner did she raise her camera, than he flew off down the path and settled again just out of her zoom range.  We kept walking and she tried again, but as soon as she got him in focus, he flew off once more.  This pattern repeated itself several times until I was sure he was taunting us.  By then it was raining quite heavily and I was ready to give up and go home but Sara was determined to get her shot.  She was finally rewarded when he flew down a small side stream and settled in this hollow… I was finally rewarded by getting to go home, where I could get warm and dry!