Tick Tock – Original Painting


12×16″ – Acrylic on Canvas

Add some drama to your home with this original, acrylic painting of a lurking crocodile! The perfect gift for any Peter Pan lover!

  • The 3/4 inch gallery-wrap canvas is painted on all sides so there’s no need for any framing
  • Ready to hang with a vinyl coated wire on the back
  • Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity guaranteeing originality

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact Me!


Here’s what the artist had to say about this artwork:

I painted a dragon in “Time to Go” but realized that I’ve never actually painted a lizard.  I thought it would be cool to try a crocodile and was instantly captured by the dramatic eeriness of this scene.  The skin texture was really fun to create and I enjoyed playing up its color against the water.  The water itself was a bit tricky though and I had to redo it several times before being satisfied with it.  This is actually one of my favorite videos to date.  I think Sara was spot on with the music and it perfectly complements the eerie mood I was going for!


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Tick Tock – Original Painting


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